Brian Borg - Nature Enthusiast and Musician in San Diego, California

Brian Borg - San Diego Resident with Diverse Hobbies

A resident of San Diego, California, Brian Borg spends his free time pursuing diverse interests that include exercising, exploring the outdoors, and playing music in addition to spending time with his family. An avid weightlifter, Brian Borg follows a lifting regimen three or four times per week consisting of squats, deadlifts, bench press, and other classic weight training exercises. He also stays fit outside of the weight room by hiking the trails and mountains around Southern California, including Mt. Laguna, Cowles Mountain, and Mission Trails Regional Park, where he photographs birds and other wildlife.

In addition to maintaining an active lifestyle, Mr. Borg stands out as a musician and guitarist who is influenced by early American blues guitarists such as Blind Willie Johnson, Son House, and Robert Johnson. His music tastes extend to diverse genres, with some of his other favorites being 1980s New Wave albums, 1970s bands such as Black Sabbath, and 1980s metal bands such as Slayer.

A beer connoisseur, Mr. Borg enjoys IPAs and other styles produced by local breweries such as Ballast Point, Stone Brewing, and Green Flash Brewing, though he will drink traditional American lagers such as Budweiser when he is completing yard work or barbecuing brisket and ribs on his home grill.